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Since 2008 the Society has contributed a fortnightly article to the West Sussex County Times

In this section you will find articles published since January 2017; earlier ones can be found in the Archive.

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9 Jul 20 Should housing quotas be questioned?  
25 Jun 20 Notes of hope and persistent joys of nature Oliver Farley
11 Jun 20 The future of Rookwood matters David Holmes
28 May 20 Should Covid-19 delay planning? David Griffiths
14 May 20 The Drill Hall - an informed decision? Malcolm Willis
30 Apr 20 The present and future of our town Oliver Farley
16 Apr 20 Horsham town, community and home David Holmes
2 Apr 20 Difficult times but local plan continues Philip Ayerst
19 Mar 20 Are ecological issues taken into account? David Griffiths
5 Mar 20 Hope for  the best but plan for the worst Nigel Friswell
20 Feb 20 Like buses two draft plans come at once Ron Bates
6 Feb 20 Town open space that must not be lost David Holmes
23 Jan 20 Are new railway stations a reality? David Griffiths
9 Jan 20 Joint working is welcomed by society David Holmes
12 Dec 19 Trees are not just for Christmas Oliver Farley
28 Nov 19 Is Bohunt School design left wanting? David Griffiths
14 Nov 19 Developers need to help their community Nigel Friswell
31 Oct 19 Bright eyes and clear water Oliver Farley
17 Oct 19 Why the obsession with grey? David Griffiths
3 Oct 19 What will become of splendid trees? Oliver Farley
19 Sep 19 Neglected look seen all round our town Nigel Friswell
5 Sep 19 Piries - Place, Passage or Predicament? Oliver Farley
22 Aug 19 Interests of electorate  should be priority David Griffiths
8 Aug 19 Avoiding the ticking time bombs Rod Cuming
25 Jul 19 Self-build offers some welcome variety David Griffiths
11 Jul 19 Town's entry merits 16 pages in new book Oliver Farley
27 Jun 19 Don't delay, protest today! Nigel Friswell
13 Jun 19 Who is to subsidise 'affordable' homes? Oliver Farley
30 May 19 Can we believe the developers? David Griffiths
16 May 19 No property ladder to ascend David Holmes
2 May 19 Burn the rubbish and use the heat Nigel Friswell
18 Apr 19 Political parties set out their views David Holmes
4 Apr 19 Have your pounds been spent online? Oliver Farley
21 Mar 19 Put your questions to political parties Malcolm Willis
7 Mar 19 Time to look again at our sundial Oliver Farley
21 Feb 19 Good design to enhance our town David Holmes
7 Feb 19 The sad saga of a derelict cottage Oliver Farley
24 Jan 19 Will a non-compliant plan be approved? David Griffiths
10 Jan 19 Is pub closure a wake-up call? David Holmes
27 Dec 18 Working together makes a difference Malcolm Willis
13 Dec 18 Do designers heed concerns of public? David Griffiths
29 Nov 18 Respecting the town's character Oliver Farley
15 Nov 18 Chance to improve boring part of town David Griffiths
1 Nov 18 Vital role of green and open spaces Oliver Farley
18 Oct 18 Why don't councils listen to concerns? David Griffiths
4 Oct 18 Affordable housing needs resolved? David Griffiths
20 Sep 18 'Too big, too ugly and too close to me' David Holmes
6 Sep 18 Good design is vital in fast-growing town Philip Ayerst
23 Aug 18 The Novartis site: all eyes on WSCC David Holmes
9 Aug 18 Inspired in the garden Oliver Farley
26 Jul 18 Our town is 'fun, safe and friendly' Malcolm Willis
12 Jul 18 Cherish a memory of glorious weather Oliver Farley
28 Jun 18 Changing axis for our town Oliver Farley
14 Jun 18 Developers on manouvres David Griffiths
31 May 18 Filling in the spaces in the town centre Oliver Farley
17 May 18 Action needed to stop loss of local jobs David Holmes
03 May 18 Greening your front garden Julie Dumbrell
19 Apr 18 We must care for urban environment Nigel Friswell
05 Apr 18 Are electric cars really the future? Nigel Friswell
22 Mar 18 Season of Heritage Guided Walks Ron Bates
08 Mar 18 Why buy it? Refill it for free Richard Pratt
22 Mar 18 Horsham gets a multistorey carbuncle Ron Bates
08 Feb 18  Full and Open Disclosure of Viability David Griffiths
25 Jan 18 Car Park is "opportunity or eyesore"? Malcolm Willis
11 Jan 18 Bad Luck With Public Statuary Oliver Farley
28 Dec 17 We are a voice to be heard Malcolm Willis
14 Dec 17 Are our listed buildings safe? John Steele
30 Nov 17 Widen the scope of Horsham's vision Oliver Farley
16 Nov 17 Horsham Park - the Jewel in our Crown Malcolm Willis
02 Nov 17 Protecting wildlife on developments David Griffiths
19 Oct 17 Town 'vision' is a missed opportunity John Steele
05 Oct 17 Have your say before it is too late Malcolm Willis
21 Sep 17 West Sussex - a land of 70 tongues David Griffiths
07 Sep 17 Cost and payback of sustainability David Griffiths
24 Aug 17 Please look after your trees and hedges Julie Dumbrell
10 Aug 17 Please think before you park Malcolm Willis
27 Jul 17 Blueprint can influence future direction Ron Bates
13 Jul 17 Come walk with us for fascinating tour Oliver Farley
29 Jun 17 Horsham's secret waterway Oliver Farley
15 Jun 17 Town centre plan lacks vision John Steele
01 Jun 17 A word about the latest things Oliver Farley
18 May 17 We must retain control of development Ron Bates
04 May 17 Development will drive more congestion Ron Bates
20 Apr 17 Unresolved concerns over North Horsham Malcolm Willis
06 Apr 17 If you want a job doing properly ... Nigel Friswell
23 Mar 17 The many rewards of volunteering Nigel Friswell
09 Mar 17 Horsham deserves high quality design Philip Ayerst
23 Feb 17 Who can make our good town better? Malcolm Willis
09 Feb 17 Pleasing design of red, white and A to B Oliver Farley
26 Jan 17 Look up for much of great interest Oliver Farley
12 Jan 17 Managing change takes care Michael Hall