Current Issue 11 - New use for old cottage hospital building

Old Cottage Hospital building 

Charles John Robinson, Vicar of St Mary’s, Horsham towards the end of the nineteenth century was instrumental in establishing our first cottage hospital on a site in Hurst Road 
Pictured her, it was built in 1892 at a cost of £1,300 and although a new, and larger, hospital was built next door in 1923 it remains a part of the NHS estate to this day.
It has been empty and  boarded up for a long time and the Horsham Society was fearful that this important part of Horsham’s history could fall into disrepair, or even possibly succumb to demolition. 
Following an enquiry from our Secretary to the local Clinical Commissioning Group, we are pleased to report that NHS Property Services has recently agreed a ten-year lease on the building, known by them as The Annex, with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Work was due to start in early January to bring the building back into use and it should be occupied by the end of March. 
This is excellent news. While it is unlikely that Rev Robinson would recognise our NHS today, he would no doubt be pleased to know the building he did so much to provide is still playing its part over 125 years later.