Current Issue 8 - Plume of Feathers

A glimpse of the past

With the closure of King & Barnes Brewery in 2000, and the loss of many town pubs, nowadays it’s not obvious how much of Horsham’s economy was once based on brewing and pubs. As well as malthouses and breweries, in the 19th century the town could boast of having the highest number of pubs per head of population in the country - over 50 in its heyday around 1850.
One that few know about was the Plume of Feathers at 64 Queen Street, almost opposite the junction with New Street, which closed in 1922. The building, which was latterly a bookmakers, is being converted as part of a larger housing development behind it and our Secretary, David Holmes, was passing recently as workmen revealed the old pub name.
It has now been covered again but, if only briefly, it provided a glimpse of what must once have been a splendid pub sign.