We are the civic society for the town of Horsham in the county of West Sussex, UK.

The purpose of the Horsham Society is to watch over the interests of the town, to guard its heritage, to promote good planning and design and to speak up when it believes decisions critical to Horsham are being considered. We have a strong membership, a pedigree stretching back to 1955, an influential reputation and we are one of the largest civic societies in south-east England.  

We publish leaflets and books. Members also receive a newsletter, packed with interest and published eleven times a year, which contains news on topical issues of concern, articles dealing with the history and future of the town, and a busy letters page. Members are encouraged to submit their own articles and views on issues that concern them or their neighbours, and a lively exchange of opinion usually results.

Planning issues are a major concern for the Society as changes made today, for good or ill, will last for decades and perhaps much longer. On this website you can view details of the comments that we have made in regard to strategic planning, including public consultations, and reprentations made about individual planning applications, both old and new. 


If you are concerned about the wellbeing of Horsham, please consider becoming a member.  


What's New?


We have lauched an exciting new children's trail called Spy Horsham which has been developed with a group of children from Arunside Primary School.


Spy Horsham includes forty-six challenges which encourage children to seek out hidden treasures in the the town centre and Horsham Park, collecting points along the way. A certificate is awarded on completion of all the challenges. Copies are available for £1.50 from Horsham Museum and Art Gallery in the Causeway.





Our 2019 season of free Heritage Guided Walks started on Wednesday 3rd April and will end with the walk on 29th September.

The walks take place every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon at 2.30pm, starting from outside Horsham Museum and Art Gallery in Causeway. No booking is required - just turn up on the day.  Why not come a little earlier and take a look around our splendid Museum.


Under the title "Horsham Profiles" are numerous articles written by Brian Slyfield, a former editor of our Newsletter, on topics related to the history of the town. The list has recently been updated and copies of the articles are available on request from Brian. Access the "Horsham Profiles" page here


In Autumn 2018 the Society launched of an important new­­­ publication - Good by Design - which we hope will encourage better quality building design of all types from small home improvements to major developments. It is easy to criticise designs without offering viable alternatives, so we intend Good by Design to be a guide for everyone who wishes to make helpful and valid comments on development proposals or individual planning applications. Better still, we hope that designers and developers - large and small - will note and heed the advice in the document at an early stage in their planning.


Good by Design is a 40 page booklet looking at many different types of development. For example, a proposal might be a major development in the countryside, or an application in Horsham town, or a building within a conservation area. We look at different aspects, for example how the design takes account of the site layout, the materials used, or the security. In total we cover twenty five aspects or themes. For each theme we consider the important features in the final design. For example we might wish to see a layout that follows the existing topography with hedgerows and trees retained, a design which uses good quality and maintainable materials, or a site plan where security is included but is not intrusive. The booklet is generously illustrated - frequently using examples already found in Horsham - showing how our ideas can be implemented. There is also a shorter summary version intended as an aide memoire

Both versions are available as a free download - or to read on your screen - here.


Take a look at current news and issues of interest to the Society here.


Every fortnight we have a column in the West Sussex County Times and you can read the latest articles here.


We regularly comment on planning applications. See our latest representations here.


The minutes of the Horsham Society AGM held on 8 April 2019 can be found in the members section.


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